What Apostasy?

The Latter Day Saints (Mormons) claim that there were NO true Christians on earth from the first few centuries A.D. to 1830 when "the Church was restored by Joseph Smith".

Coins like this follis were exceedingly abundant in the Byzantine Empire (Greece, Turkey, Balkans) from about 950 to 1100 A.D. (the middle of the supposed apostasy). They do not merely display a token phrase or symbol to admit to a nominal Christianity. The entire coin is completely devoted to Jesus Christ. On one side is pictured Jesus holding a Bible, along with his abbreviated name (IC XC). The other proclaims "Jesus Christ - King of Kings" and may have a cross. There is no mention of the nation, emperor, or coin value.

This coin is proof that there were many true Christians at that time and that the Mormon claims of a complete apostasy are false! There was no need for Joseph Smith to restore the Church because Jesus Christ claimed that neither the Bible nor the Church would pass away before Jesus comes again to take his own people to eternal life.
[SB 1813]

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