The Book of Mormon in Alma 11: 5-19 lists these Nephite coins. (If S represents the value of one Senine, then 8S is the value of a Limnah, for example.)
Value Gold   Silver coins
8S ?  Limnah Onti
4S    Shum   Ezrom
2S    Seon   Amor
1.5S  Antion   --
S     Senine Senum
S/2     --   Shiblon
S/4     --   Shiblum
S/8     --   Leah

This page illustrates all such coins that have ever been discovered (none). No civilization has ever minted coins only to have every last one vanish. Someone can always find at least one that fell in the dirt or down a well, especially with today's metal detectors. In fact, there are no other archaeological evidences to support the New World claims of the Book of Mormon. This lack of evidence is consistent with the understanding that the coins, people, and history of the Book of Mormon are fictitious.

[no coins to illustrate]

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