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This site is for various topics and interests of Ed Holroyd (Dr. Edmond W. Holroyd, III). You may explore them using the list at the left.  Within some of the topics there are links at the bottom of the pages leading the reader to other pages of the topic.  (This site is still under construction.)

The photo of me at the right is from a TV documentary made in July 2014 while I was in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China, teaching English to Chinese teachers of English for all of that July. Click on it for an enlargement.

Listing of Site Updates

Updates to the various topics are identified here (yymmdd format):

This Home Page - 220806

Resume - 220228

University Teaching - 200329

World Travel - 200112

Trip Reports - 220222

Instant Snowstorm - 170520. How to make it snow in a classroom.

Christian Radio - 220303. Designing and building Christian radio stations for southwestern Colorado.

Biblical Coins - 091206. Shows all of the coins mentioned in the Bible, plus many naming rulers and cities of Biblical significance. It shows that the history in the Bible is real history, not fairy tales.

Revelation - 180227. A self-study guide to the Biblical book of Revelation.

Beginning - 170827. A look at early history as illustrated in Chinese characters.

Hoar Frost - 120303. Clothed in White - an illustrated essay using hoar frost.

An Angel - 180103. Mohammed was right. Waraqa, a Christian, was wrong.

Smith - 100904. Joseph Smith, Jr., - a translator?

Creation - 200919. Articles related to Creation.

Dinosaurs - 150810. Articles related to dinosaurs.

Serene Conservancy - 211128. Comments about the Serene Conservancy construction proposal.

Bird Photos - 220806. Bird photos of 874 species.

Heart - 091118. Details about my heart stoppage 12 January 2009.

Requiem - 210625. Final thoughts.



The following email address is most frequently checked.  It has junk mail filters.   Replies are not guaranteed because I tend to be busy in retirement.

Interests in botany and bird watching (lifetime list now 1292 bird species).
Interests in Bible studies, apologetics, cults from a Christian point of view.