Hopefully this exhibit has helped to bridge the 2000-year gap from the times of the Bible until the present. In a tangible way it has tried to stress the reality of the historical claims of the Bible. Of greatest significance is that the Christian God has actually entered our real history and lived among us. The Bible is not just a bunch of fairy tales! Perhaps you will therefore be lead to consider more carefully the Bible's spiritual message of a free pardon.

Another part of the significance of this exhibit is this: If no one could ever find physical artifacts confirming the existence of people and places specifically named in the Bible, then you would have cause to question whether or not the Bible was describing reality.

Some religions do indeed have that problem. They have nothing in their scriptures that is historically verifiable. For example, the Book of Mormon describes in Alma 11:5-19 an elaborate New World coinage system. The book also lists many New World individuals and places. This page illustrates all the coins and artifacts that have ever been found to verify those references--none. This is consistant with the opinion that the Book of Mormon is, apart from Biblical quotes and paraphrases, entirely a work of fiction and is not a sufficient basis for one's faith. No civilization has ever minted coins only to have every one of them vanish completely; at least a few can be found buried somewhere.

Is your faith backed up by reality?

[no coins to illustrate]

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